Tangle Sportz Matrix Nightball Soccer

Tangle Sportz Matrix NightBall Soccer

What would be more awesome that a game of soccer in the dark? Nothing!


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Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about playing a game of soccer in the dark and thought “If only we had a glow in the dark soccer ball to kick around…”. Well, there is finally a solution to that problem. The Tangle Sportz Matrix Nightball Soccer ball is completely water-proof and when you kick it in the water (lake, pool, etc.), it actually floats!
Interesting specs:

  • It’s activated by movement. Kick it and watch it glow.
  • Designed to play at night, but can be used whenever you have a hankering to play soccer, even during the day.
  • Made with durable rubber
  • The batteries (which are included) last a very long time. (Note: They are non-replaceable)

From the manufacturer: “Start off your soccer ball action whenever, wherever! Bright green rubber glimmers with blue and green light whenever the ball is kicked, barrels along the ground, or flies through the air. It’s the perfect ball for evening entertainment! Play in the driveway, at the playground, also by the water. That’s correct -- Water! This particular sphere is completely water-proof or even floats! Its durable yet flexible rubber design is ideal for all kinds of rough play and its remarkable lights produce an unforgettable soccer game experience. Prepare yourself to play all twenty-four hours of the day with the Tangle Sportz Matrix NightBall Soccer ball.”

Tangle Sportz Matrix Nightball Soccer -- Product Demonstration


Tangle Soccer Nightball


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