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The Thames And Kosmos Wind Power 2.0 kit comes with everything a kid needs to learn about wind power. Kids can build a miniature wind turbine which when powered by wind, will turn an electric generator which then charges your rechargeable AA batteries. (Unfortunately these are not included). The kit also comes with six different models to build (tricycle, race car, tractor, jet car, sail car and glider). Once the model is built, all they have to do is connect the battery they just charged, then watch it move. The kit includes two styles of wind turbine blades and a gearbox with three different gear ratios for experimenting. Check out other education games for kids from Thames & Kosmos.
-- Electrical power producing turbines
-- Build wind powered generators to trigger your electrical vehicles as well as charge your rechargeable batteries
-- Package consists of two types of wind turbine blades and also a transmission with three various gear proportions for experimenting.
-- Discover this fantastic totally free source of renewable energy
-- Set includes all the things you really need
Recommended age: 8+

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Wind Power 2.0 by Thames & Kosmos


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