The Chaos Machine


Let your kids dive into the world of science and math with the Chaos Machine.


If your kids are interested in science and math experiments, then read on. The Chaos Machine is basically a building kit that lets kids (and their parents) learn different scientific and mathematical concepts by building “chaos” machines. A chaos machine starts off with a magnetic mount, which you then add different pendulums and axles to it depending on the movement experiment you want to see. The kit comes with a detailed instructional booklet that will teach you how to build 7 different chaos machines. Each machine gets more and more complicated… and crazy!
The great part about the Chaos Machine is that once you get familiar with the concepts, you can then invent your own. Learn things like what the Butterfly Effect is and how it works, how swinging movement works by building different types of pendulums (single, double and triple), etc. Great for the little scientific minds in your family.

The Chaos Machine – Product Demonstration



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