ThinkGeek Pokemon Poké Ball Lunch Box

ThinkGeek Pokemon Poké Ball Lunch Box

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If Pokemon has taught us anything, it’s this: candy makes life better. Now, we somehow intuitively knew that when we were kids, but all the parents and teachers (and dentists) kept trying to dissuade us. So we’re filling this Pokemon Poke Ball Lunch Case with Skittles. No, okay. We’re NOT filling our Pokemon Poke Ball Lunch Case with Skittles. We’re filling it with a sandwich and an apple, and some carrot sticks a juice box for a healthy lunch because we want to grow up to be big strong trainers. We’re going to carry our little Poke Ball Lunch Case by its integrated handle, and we promise we won’t try to throw it at any squirrels on the way home. Much.

PERFECT FOR POKEMON TRAINERS – Fill the Poke Ball Lunch Case with a healthy snack for your little ones. This Lunch Case is ideal for Pokemon Trainers on the go. The case also works as an adorable clutch or small travel case.

INTEGRATED HANDLE AND PUSH-BUTTON LID – Carry this lunch case with its integrated handle. It also has a push-button release lid to open the case.
DIMENSIONS – 6 1/2″ wide x 5″ tall. Weight: 14 ounces.

SAFE QUALITY MATERIAL – This lunch case is made of food-contact-safe plastic. Dishwasher safe, do not microwave.

OFFICIALLY-LICENSED POKEMON MERCHANDISE – This Poke Ball Lunch Case is officially-licensed Pokemon merchandise, and a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive.


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