touchy feely game

Touchy Feely Game

Test your kids' “stereognosis” skills with the Touchy Feely game.



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The Touchy Feely Game is all about developing your kid’s “Stereognosis” ability, which is the ability to recognize and perceive different objects by their size, temperature, texture and more. The general concept of the game sounds simple enough, but it can be challenging and a lot of fun. Pick a card which will show you what object you have to find, then reach into the “Touchy Feely” bag and find the object… with your eyes closed.

Your kids can play the game by themselves and if it becomes too easy, then they can play against the clock. They can also play against someone else to see who can find it faster. Either way, it’s a whole lot of fun and it exercises their sensory perception at the same time.

Recommended ages: 5+


Touchy Feely Game Product Demonstration



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