Twiddle Mega - Cool toy

Twiddle Mega


175 pieces of fun to keep your fidgeter from driving you crazy!  Create cool shapes, designs or words and with a little tug, turn it back into a straight line and start again.


Do you wrestle with your child to sit down and read?  Or maybe you’re tired of giving them an electronic device to have a peaceful drive 5 minutes down the street?  You may have a fidgeter on your hands.  Kids these days have a hard time sitting still, maybe it’s an increase in ADHD as the schools seem to think or maybe it’s just they are use to having so many electronic devices to entertain them that anything less seems boring.  Either way, kids tend to fidget.   Often all they need is something to keep their hands busy so their minds can relax and enjoy their surroundings.  The Twiddle Mega is a cool toy that will provide your child the relief they need and allows them to create cool shapes, designs and words.  Plus, when it’s lights out at night, it glows!  Your child can see their amazing designs as they fall to sleep.  Recommended age: 6+
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