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The Walls and Warriors game lets your kids travel back to the old days of nights, warriors and castles. The challenge? Building a castle strong enough to defend your blue nights against the evil and tenacious enemy red knights. Great single-player puzzle/game that can keep your kids busy when it’s time to make dinner. General play concept:

  1. Follow the challenge cards and place both teams of knights as well as the castle on the board.
  2. Try to strategically place the castle walls and attempt to keep the red knights out and the blue nights safely in.

What’s great about this game is that it comes with eighty different challenges to go through which get harder and harder as you go along (i.e.: 5 different levels of difficulty). What happens if your kids get stuck? No worries, the solutions are available with the instructions.

Walls and Warriors Game -- Product Demonstration


Walls and Warriors


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