Wild Science Bath Bomb Factory


Great way to introduce your daughter to the world of science. Create crackling balloons, soapy volcanoes and more. Recommended age: 10-15.



This Wild Science kit has very cool experiments for kids and which are an amazing and safe way to introduce your kids to science. First, they are well designed and come with medical grade containers and real gloves for protection.  All the chemicals come in re-sealable containers and not those awful zip-lock type bags you often get which make it impossible to put the stuff back in afterwards. Kids can start by following the instructions to better understand how the experiments work, but what’s good about this kit is that it comes with extra material for those kids who like to go the extra mile and create their own experiments. This kit offers 6 different activities and will let your daughter learn about things like carbon dioxide and acid/base reactions through creating things like bath bombs, soapy volcanoes and more.
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