This Thames and Kosmos Remote Control Machines Kit helps kids to build remote controlled models of a robotic rover that resembles the ones used to explore Mars. The kit comes with 237 pieces which allow kids to build not only the robot rover, but it also has nine additional models which are space–themed that include: a rocket launcher car, a lunar rover, a space shuttle that has cargo bay doors that open and close, robotic shuttle payload arm, & more.
The entire kit is a hands-on construction project that combines two amazing areas, robots and outer space! In our opinion, this kit is a perfect toy for every kid who is fascinated by the prospect of being an astronaut, or being the first human to land on Mars. Continue reading to get our full review on this product, but first, a little bit about the company.

About Thames and Kosmos

The Thames and Kosmos Company was founded in 2001 by a science museum director together with her son. They saw the need for better education in science and since then, the company has published more than 250 unique science kits. Thames and Kosmos products are highly regarded by parents, teachers and members of the toy and educational products industry. The company distributes its products in the United States and Canada with the help of retail partners, specialty toy stores, hobby stores, book stores, game stores and even museum shops.
Thames & Kosmos Remote-Control Machines Space Explorers Science Kit

Thames and Kosmos Remote Control Machines – Features And Pros

  • The manual – The 80 page illustration manual not only shows instructions on how to assemble the models, but also helps kids learn more about the robots and machines they are assembling, and how they are used in the real world. The manual is rich in information about the history of Mars exploration and related fields.
  • The remote control – The controller has six buttons with a multi-channel remote control unit that allows up to four motors to be used at the same time! (Note: Additional motors are sold separately).
  • The models – As we mentioned a bit above, this set lets your kids build up to 10 spaces themed models. This was a huge bonus for us because like most kids, ours tend to get bored fairly easily. The fact that they can build more than just one was a big selling feature for us.


Thames and Kosmos Remote Control Machines – Cons

  • Connection – When connecting the pieces together, you need a lot more pressure as opposed to when you are connecting Kre-O or Lego building blocks together. This may be difficult for kids that are younger.
  • Missing specialty tool – In order to install the batteries in the motor and remote control, you need an extremely tiny screwdriver (like the kind you need to adjust eyeglasses). Unfortunately, the kit doesn’t come with one and unless you have one lying around the house, you may have to go to the store and buy one.



In our opinion, the Thames and Kosmos Remote Control Machines kit offers great science educational fun for kids. It also improves their creativity and imagination. If you are looking for great gift ideas for kids (boys or girls) ranging from the age of 8-14 years, then you should definitely keep this one in mind.

Has anyone out there tried this kit before? What are your thoughts on it? Whatever they are, we’d love to get your feedback!
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